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Treestump Leather's Chris KravittWelcome to Treestump Leather! I'm Chris Kravitt, master leatherworker and owner / operator of Treestump Leather, located in the heart of downeast Maine. I'm pleased to provide any custom leather work you may need. While I've included many examples of my work here, please keep in mind that all my work is custom, so your knife sheath or gun holster will be truly unique to your knife or gun. It will be one of a kind, created exclusively with you in mind.

I've listed prices for the specific pieces shown so you can get an idea of the range of what's possible and what various pieces might cost. Depending on the variations you might want and the size of the sheath or holster, prices vary, but in general, sheaths start as low as $55 and holsters as low as $95.

Please choose from the links at left to view samples of my work, together with sample pricing, and to order Ready Made Knife Sheaths — which are easily and directly available from this site.

Great testimonial from an extremely happy customer

You'll enjoy seeing this great sheath Chris made for a Paul Jarvis award-winning Persian short sword!

~ Featured Knife ~

The Kravitt & Coombs KnifeOfficial Knife of Treestump Leather

The Kravitt and Coombs Knife - Official Knife of Treestump Leather

Designed by Chris Kravitt of Treestump Leather and made by Lamont Coombs. History of this knife, and ordering information

Deer hunting is a great sport here in downeast Maine
Spectacular hunting in Maine
Yes, I can make plain sheaths, too!
Plain sheaths available, too.
Pricing starts as low as $55.
We have terrific fishing!
And the fishing's great, too!



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