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New! Feathered sheath design: $70.
New feathered knife sheath

Ready Made Knife Sheaths    Made with the exact same materials, care and attention to detail as our Custom Made sheaths � with the same distinctive, quality Treestump look � without the wait!

Available in 4 sizes and 2 styles. * Dealer Inquiries Invited *

These sheaths are made of the best quality 8-9 oz. vegetable-tanned cowhide I can buy. They are wet formed, hand carved and tooled, and hand dyed. They have a welted construction and are stitched with heavy nylon thread. The G series are $45 each and the F series, with the fluted band across the front, are $60 each. My new feathered series are $70 each. Sizes are as follow:

  1. Fits most bird & trout knives with a blade of 3½" and a guard of 1"
  2. Fits most utility hunters with a blade length of 3½" to 4" and a guard of 1¼"
  3. Fits wider utility hunters with a blade length of 4½" and a guard of 1½"
  4. Fits larger hunters with a blade length of 5" and a guard width of 1 5/8"
Add $12 per order for shipping & handling.

Please call us with your order: 207-584-3000. Thank You!